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Hurdles To Being An “Older” UX Designer

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Before getting into something very complicated, let’s first have clarity of what we mean by UX, therefore term UX stands for “user experience”. When we use the term UX, it means the interaction between a human and a digital product, along with noting down the experience.

For example, when we want to turn on the Ac we will interact with the power button or simply the remote. Remote’s design —including what colour is it going to be? its material and its physical appearance may impact how the viewer feels about the interaction, which matters the most. Likewise, in this digital design world, UX refers to all of those things that affect a user’s interaction with a digital product.

Now that we have a basic idea of what UX Designing is, we can move to this particular question that has crossed each middle-aged  UX Designer’s mind at least once for sure, which is “WILL IT BE JUST FINE FOR ME TO START MY CAREER IN UX AT THIS AGE? IS IT WORTH IT? “.To answer this query, I have divided the article into 5 blocks, which will be introduced to you as you read it further.


Well yes, you read it just right, I have finally understood the game of ruling over something. It includes only 2 things {2 major things} which include “CONFIDENCE” and “EXPERIENCE” just like how people in relationships say “it’s not you, it’s me”. Just like that it’s not age it’s experience that matters.

This concludes, that focusing on gaining experience is the real game-changer. So how can you gain experience in UX:

• Volunteer for projects; seek internships from – LinkedIn, Internshala, etc.

• Class projects or personal projects can help you out.

• Seizing opportunities at your current workplace to make UX deliverables.


Some people live under the roof of self-made difficulties, in which overthinking plays a vital role. If you are not aware of this incident then you’re missing out A kid of 14 years, quotes “am I too old to be a part of google’s programming campaign”. Either We as in “SOCIETY” has been creating a lot of pressure on people that now it’s reflecting upon our kids, which makes them feel like maybe they passed the right age which was necessary, to begin with.

Let’s spread some work positivity, as we are aware of the fact that we are not as privileged as arjuna from Mahabharat. No, we didn’t learn any of the technical stuff in our mother’s womb, which is fine
and yes it is normal. Life isn’t a race. Plan on exploring, examining, and absorbing not on following or worrying/stressing.


Finding a designer who’s experienced enough is quite difficult to find. Traits that are usually sneaked into a designer are Experience, problem-solving, and empathy. These characteristics will not only
define your capability but will also accumulate your thoughts and may help you in presenting them in a better way.

Other than that, the advantage of being a senior UX designer use your experience to your advantage. If you have been a part of the UX design department for quite some time now, you must have a better idea of what you’re capable of. Use this to your advantage when looking for work. Just in case, UX Designing isn’t your first job. Please hold on to the roots tight, and use your experience to look for startups, or even, companies that could benefit from your long career both as your past profession and UX designer.


The challenge for our new yet old UX Designers is that they might lack the latest developments in UX design. Which includes UX software knowledge along with tools and trending practices. To address this problem, a person must read UX design literature. For eg: blogs, trade publications, etc.
Most employees might not feel comfortable enough “being the eldest member” in the design team. Your boss may be younger than you. in these types of situations, my go-to advice is “avoid
migrating”. Many times we choose to run away from our insecurities instead of confronting them. Which is the right action that has to be taken at on right time to avoid more complications.
Being old isn’t an issue, it is all in our heads. Remember to present with confidence. Being surrounded by many youngsters might make you feel left out if and only if you won’t play along, which means taking part in small group discussions, expressing your views without hesitating, and connecting with your co-workers.


Before finalizing your decision make sure that you’re less than 2 years away from retirement. If it’s true, then In that case a company might not get enough outcomes out of your experience and
knowledge. All around the world, the same principles are followed yet with a hint of its own twist in eastern culture[ Asia ], societies, age is admired, not only that but, elderly are looked up to because of their great knowledge, experience. Whereas, Unfortunately, in western culture, youngsters
don’t respect much and refer to them as a bunder over their shoulders. This attitude started the unhealthy breeze of “ Am I too old” Retired people are looked at as if they have done a lot in their time and now they are supposed to do nothing, just sit through the day… They’re not encouraged to contribute to society because “they’re well past their expiration date.”

In the world of business, we face several myths, one of which is being old cuts down a lot of your actions. Due to these myths, people hesitate to go after high-paying UX design jobs just because of the age barrier. Never let people decide your path. We just hope that this blog has helped you out and you may feel confident and clear about what you choose to be not what society wants you to be.

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