This Privacy Policy of describes how the personal information of users is being collected and used. In order for to operate better, the site gathers some specific information from the user. However, our professionals will make sure that all the information provided by the user will be safe and processed within the limits of this Privacy policy. Personal information is referred to as any data with which the user can be identified personally. takes it seriously to protect the personal information that you provide when interacting with the site. When you are using any of our services or visiting, it is assumed that you have agreed to all our standard policies.

Requested Information

When you are visiting the site may request your personal information such as your name, e-mail address, website, or any other information. But we assure you that the information is collected for the purpose of a survey, a mailing list, or any other relevant/genuine purposes only. Also, the purpose of inquiry of personal information will be clearly mentioned in case the site requests any of the visitors or clients for any such details.

At, we believe in a “No-Spam” policy and that reflects is committed to not selling or renting out your personal information to any third party websites/persons without your consent.

Additionally, will never send you any kind of email that is inappropriate or intolerable. Also, there will always be an option to “Unsubscribe” from our mailing list in case you do not want to receive any communication or emails from our site. As a member of the mailing list, you will receive not only announcements regarding new designs or notifications about the latest news or posts. 

Profile Data

When you register for the site, you may be asked to provide certain personal data and that is only to be displayed on your profile. The “Name” field is required in your personal information and other users may be able to view it when scrolling through the site. There are some other profile information or details that may be required or optional, as configured by the site administrator.

It will be possible for the users to modify or remove their personal information provided during account registration through the Profile > Edit panel. In most cases, users will also have control over visitors who can view a particular piece of profile content, limiting visibility on a field-by-field basis to friends, logged-in users, or administrators only. Please note that the site administrators can read, edit, modify, or remove all profile data or information for all the users.

What is Personal identification information?

The personal identification information of the defined users can or may be collected in numerous ways. If or when the user visits or register on the website or subscribe to our newsletters and other mailers, or fill a form or engage with any other activities or features that requests your personal information, the site can gather, collect, and stores your personal information on We collect a user’s information only if they submit it to their free will. However, it will be possible for users to scroll or navigate through our website anonymously. Users may have the right to refuse to provide personal information at any time. But users will not be allowed to engage in certain activities related to the website.

What is Non-personal identification information?

The name of the browser, the system details, and other technical information related to our site are included in the non-personal identification information. This information also includes the operating system details and the internet provider’s address and some other relevant information. When a user interacts with our website, there will be such collection of data or information.

How do we use/process collected information? may only collect the personal information and relevant details to fulfill the following purposes:

  • To improve service to the users and customers, this information is used. 
  • To provide efficient services to our clients.
  • To  improve the promotional activities, surveys or contests, etc. featured on
  • To know exactly what our client’s interests are.


This site records certain user actions, in the form of “activity” data. Activity includes updates and comments posted directly to activity streams, as well as descriptions of other actions performed while using the site, such as new friendships, newly joined groups, and profile updates.

The content of activity items follows the same privacy rules as the contexts in which the activity items are created. For example, activity updates created in a user’s profile will be publicly visible, while the activity items that are generated in a private group will only be visible to members of that group and not to any other visitors like public. But site administrators can view all activity items, regardless of context due to monitoring the violation of terms & conditions.

Activity items may be deleted at any time by users who created them specifically from their side. Site administrators can also edit all activity items managed by users.

What are Web browser cookies?

  are data files that are placed on your device or computer and often include an anonymous unique identifier. To get more details about cookies and learn how to disable cookies, you can go through

Our website may use “cookies” to enhance the user experience. However, a user may refuse cookies at any point in time. These cookies help the website to keep a record of the users and also to track or collect information about them. Sometimes, if you turn off the cookies, some pages/parts of the website may not function properly or as per the desired process.

We use cookies on groups, members, and activity directories to keep track of a user’s browsing preferences. These preferences include the last-selected values of the sort and filter dropdowns, as well as pagination information. These cookies contain no personal data/information and can be deleted after 24 hours.

How do we protect your personal information?

We adopt a very transparent and appropriate method to collect, store and process the data. Appropriate security measures are adopted to protect user’s data from being altered or misused. We also safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access or damage.

The exchange of all kinds of Sensitive and private data between the two interacting parties happens over an SSL secured communication channel. At times, this information is also protected and encrypted with digital signatures.

How do we share your personal information?

We are not involved in selling or renting out our user’s personal information. We may, however, use the general information for demographic details only. Any general information that may be used is not linked to any private/personal information of our visitors or users. We may at times use the services of a third party in some of our business functions and the Site or perform or monitor activities for us, such as sending out newsletters or surveys. We may then share your information, only after seeking your consent, with these third parties for those purposes only.

Third-party websites and Google Adsense

Users may find advertisements or other content/links that are diverted towards the third parties, any partners, sponsors or suppliers, advertisers or licensors.  We are not responsible for any third-party content. In addition, these sites or services have all the rights of their content which they may even change from time to time. The user must also be aware of the privacy policies and customer services policies of these third-party sites or services. Any sort of interaction with that website, including the websites which have diverted a link to our website, is subject to that website’s own policies.

For Google Adsense, you may opt-out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at

Protection against children’s online privacy

It is very significant to protect the interests of the young ones. We do not collect information on our website from people we know who are under 13 years of age, and also our website is not designed to attract anyone under the age of 13.


How can you exercise your rights under GDPR?

This is for users browsing from the EU/EEA, where the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) applies, the user can exercise rights related to their personal data by contacting us via contact details provided on the website. The following rights will be entertained by xyz:

  • The user can request access to a copy of their data.
  • The user can ask us to remove their personal information and we will look into the same where we can legally.
  • The user can object to processing their personal information according to the legitimate interest.
  • The user is free to change their settings from their profile; this will include revoking their consent.
  • The user can rectify/edit their personal data.

All the above-mentioned requests by the user will be legally executed in a time frame of 1 month, and the user will have to present valid identification proof with the request.


Really Simple SSL and Really Simple SSL add-ons do not process any personally identifiable information, so the GDPR does not apply to these plugins or the usage of these plugins on your website. 

Changes to this policy has the right to change/update this privacy policy at any time. Whenever we do so, a notification will be posted on the main page regarding the same. Also, check for the last updated status at the end of this page. We would appreciate it if all our users check this page regularly and are well aware of our policies. This would also assure them that their information is safe with As a responsible citizen, you agree to review this policy from time to time. This also keeps you updated with the modifications done if any.

Contact Forms

You can reach in several ways, one of which is the contact form. In order to start a communication, you will need to share your first name and your email address using the contact form (encrypted page). Sending your message will create an email. Your personal information and the message do not get stored on website servers. Please note that data transmitted via the internet (e.g. via email communication) may be subject to security breaches. Complete protection of your data from third-party access is not possible.

IMPORTANT: Please read all our policies carefully before using any of our services. And if you continue to use our services, visit our website; you actually agree to all our policies and also any changes made to the policies.

Contact Information

In case you have any queries regarding this policy or any of our practices, please feel free to contact us at: | Privacy Policy